Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review of Waltz with a Stranger

WALTZ WITH A STRANGER may be purchased here.

Pamela Sherwood

Miss Amelia Newbold, an American heiress, has traveled to England with her mother and twin sister, Aurelia, hoping to land a titled husband.  Aurelia, who was left scarred and lame after a riding accident, keeps to the outskirts of parties, in hopes of getting away from the pitying looks.  Until one night a handsome stranger sees past the scar and asks her to waltz in the garden, where she has taken refuge.  Then, Aurelia decides to take charge of her life and gets help and rehabilitation in Paris.  Meanwhile, the handsome stranger, James Trelawney, unexpectedly comes into a title, which brings with it stifling debts.  James has little option but to marry a heiress, and Amelia seems the best candidate.  James and Amelia become engaged, but unfortunately, Aurelia still thinks about the handsome stranger.

WALTZ WITH A STRANGER has a theme, which is one of my hot button subjects.  I try to avoid stories, in which one sibling loves the significant other of their sibling.  Fortunately the relationship between James and Amelia is one of convenience, and I can overlook this easier than I could, if they were engaged for love.  Besides the romance between James and Aurelia, there is an interesting secondary romance between Amelia and James' friend.  In fact, I enjoyed the secondary romance more than the primary one.  There just seemed to be more life in it. 

All in all, WALTZ WITH A STRANGER  provided some entertaining moments, even if, I found portions of it slightly annoying.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review.