Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review of For the Love of a Goblin Warrior

FOR THE LOVE OF A GOBLIN WARRIOR  may be purchased here.

Shona Husk

Meryn, his king, and several other warriors are cursed to the Shadowlands by a Druid, who is against their plans for revolt against the Romans.  All the cursed men are forced to watch the massacre of their tribe, and Meryn watches his wife and children murdered and is unable to help them.   Because of this, Meryn gives into the urge to become a goblin, and for centuries all he seeks to do is steal and collect gold.  After almost two thousand years, Meryn is pulled out of the Shadowlands by another formerly cursed fellow, his cousin, Dai.  Once in the Fixed Realm, a confused Meryn, runs away from his cousin's house and is picked up by the police for brandishing a sword.  After being taken to the emergency room by the police, Meryn meets a sympathetic nurse, Nadine, and is drawn to her.

FOR LOVE OF A GOBLIN WARRIOR is a paranormal romance focusing on two very tortured characters.  Meryn is tortured by survivor's guilt over the deaths of his family and tribe.  Whereas, Nadine is tortured by the death of her mother, for which her father has spent twenty years in prison.  At the age of five, Nadine witnessed the attack on her mother, and traumatised by what she saw, Nadine has blocked the memories of that night.  Nadine doesn't allow men to get close to her for fear of getting hurt, but she is drawn to Meryn.  I felt no real connection to Nadine, because she just seemed to put obstacles in her own path to happiness.  While I understand that there are people like this, I find them a little annoying.  Meryn, on the other hand, once he overcomes some of his guilt, is one determined man.  Meryn, seeks to find happiness in his new life with the woman, that he has come to love, and he will do whatever it takes.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review.