Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ratings Scale

I've been thinking about doing a ratings scale for my reviews, but I'm stymied as to what to use.  I was thinking about 1-5 meows.  Please tell me what you think, and offer suggestions.


Laura @ A Jane of All Reads said...

Yes. You must have meow ratings! It's what your kittehs would want and we should only concern ourselves with their happiness. won my contest :)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I don't have a rating scale yet. I had a suggestion to make one. I am a little werry to do one as everyone loves different things about books, but I am seriously considering doing a scale.

I like the purr scale idea as when I think of purring it is when the cat is happy, and I would like to think many of the books will be high on your purr scale of love. :)

Karen said...

I've been thinking about this myself. I added the flower since my blog makeover but apparently blogger disagrees w/my choice and it messes up my post whenever I use them.
Meow's sound cute! Maybe a hiss of you really don't like something - a purr if it's purr-fect..haha
Also I have a scale from 1 -4 but I think I am going to 1-5. Sometimes I feel a "3" is too high but a "2" is too low for certain books and adding the 5 gives a better scale.
Not sure if that helps you at those are my thoughts!

Book Lover said...

I think meows sound perrrfect :0)