Wednesday, June 16, 2010


C.P. Stewart
Outskirts Press, Inc., 2009
ISBN:  978-1-4327-4036-8

Jake Myers hopes to start rebuilding his relationship with his son, Nathan, during a fishing trip off the coast of Florida.  Mason Bankowski, the charter boat captain, his helper, Juan, and one other passenger, Allen Cranson, set out on the fishing trip.  Unfortunately, Allen isn't who he appears to be, because escaped convict, Manny Contraldo, murdered Cranston and assumed his identity in an effort to escape capture.  Things go from bad to worse, when the boat runs into a strange storm and fog  and comes out in a very changed world.

THROUGH THE TRIANGLE is an entertaining science fiction read with great characters, that takes place in an interesting world.  Mr. Stewart builds a unique world, which is confusing and dangerous for his characters, but, also, very plausible for the reader.  This reader became invested in the characters' struggles and rooted for them to overcome and survive, especially, Jake.  Jake is a very likable character, who is trying his best to raise a rebellious teen, and then, gets thrown into a strange situation, which tests his intelligence, bravery, and humanity.  The secondary characters are almost as appealing, and Manny is a chilling villain.  Intertwined within this science fiction story is a lovely romance, which adds to the enjoyment of the read.  The only criticism, which I can offer for this book is that sometimes the pace is slowed by excessive description.  For example, I don't need to know in any detail about someone getting gas unless it furthers the plot.  However, this happens mainly at the beginning of the book and isn't a major hindrance to the story.

Note:  This book was given to me in return for an impartial review.