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Monday, February 24, 2014

Review of Douglas

DOUGLAS may be purchased here.

Grace Burrowes

Douglas Allen, Viscount Amery, has unexpectedly inherited his family's title and lands, but he is ill-prepared to run his estates.  Gwinevere Hollister is recommended as someone to teach Douglas about land management, because she has been managing her cousin's estate for several years.  Douglas and Guinevere are attracted to each other, but Gwinevere has been hurt by love before and is hesitant to allow a man into her life.

DOUGLAS is an entertaining historical romance with a wonderful hero and an independent, but traumatized, heroine.  Douglas is a great hero, who has an emotionless facade, which hides a truly good, loving man.  This can be seen in the way he treats his family, Gwinevere's daughter, Gwinevere, and even his horse.  While I can understand Gwinevere's reticence  in allowing a man into her life, she carries it a bit far in not trusting Douglas with the truth of her situation, even after proving himself trustworthy.

All in all, DOUGLAS is a great read with one of my favorite heroes, but I wish the heroine had been upfront about her situation a little sooner.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review. 


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