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Monday, June 23, 2014

Review of Silence of the Wolf

SILENCE OF THE WOLF may be purchased here.

Terry Spear

Elizabeth Wildwood, a red wolf/coyote shifter, has come to Colorado seeking evidence about her parents murder.  Elizabeth is, also, doing an article for her newspaper in Texas on the local ski lodge.  The town that Elizabeth is in and the ski lodge are run by gray wolf shifters.  Tom Silver, brother to the pack leader of the gray wolf shifters, is sent by his brother to escort Elizabeth around.  Tom isn't prepared for the attraction, that he feels, and when it is obvious Elizabeth is in danger, he will do anything to protect her.

SILENCE OF THE WOLF is an exciting, paranormal romance between two strong-willed alphas.  Elizabeth, who has known great prejudice and danger because of her mixed heritage, is hesitant to trust.  Tom is determined to love and save Elizabeth, no matter how many obstacles she puts in his way.  The  action and adventure packed within this story and the interactions and familial ties between the pack members are very enjoyable.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review of Kissing with Fangs

KISSING WITH FANGS may be purchased here.

Ashlyn Chase

Claudia, the former manager at Anthony Cross's bar, has fallen into a drunken stupor since the bar burned down.  Claudia, a functioning alcoholic, has been crushing on Anthony, a vampire, from the very beginning.  Anthony, also, wants a relationship with Claudia, but it is forbidden by law for a vampire to date a human.  To further complicate matters, there is the danger of his stalker ex-girlfriend to consider.

KISSING WITH FANGS is a paranormal romance with interesting, quirky, characters.  Claudia is to be admired for trying to overcome her alcoholism and get her life back together, even with the added hazards of Anthony's stalker ex.  In my opinion, Anthony could have handled Claudia a little more aggressively.  It seemed, that he was a little wishy-washy, and she took every opportunity to try and reunite with him.  Anthony is a really nice guy, but he just needed to be a little more forceful with his ex-girlfriend.  

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Review of Desperately Seeking Suzanna

DESPERATELY SEEKING SUZANNA may be purchased here.

Elizabeth Michels

Sue Green, who has already endured several seasons without getting married, is in London with her mother, beautiful sister, and beautiful cousins for her final season.  Poor Sue doesn't stand out among her beautiful relatives, and her mother vociferously reminds her of that fact.  One night before the season Sue's sister and cousins sneak into a masquerade ball, and Sue accompanies them.  Sue drinks too much champagne, dresses decadently, and assumes the identity of Suzanna, because for once she wants to shine.  While in disguise, Sue encounters Lord Holden Ellis, who becomes enchanted with Suzanna.  Holden makes it his quest to find Suzanna.

DESPERATELY SEEKING SUZANNA is an entertaining historical romance with intriguing characters.  Sue has been left in the shadows by her sister and cousins, whose beauty is more ostentatious than Sue's.  Sue is used to being the wallflower and her self-esteem isn't helped by her harridan of a mother, who lets her preference for Sue's sister be known and belittles Sue all the time.  Sue has some great qualities, in that she is intelligent and very artistic.  Holden is determined to find Suzanna but finds himself admiring Sue.  While, usually, it is the heroine who suffers from TSTL (too stupid to live) moments, Holden has a few of these but overcomes them to make a likable hero.  Holden has mother issues, too.  Holden's mother makes Sue's mother look like a saint.  In the end,  I'm glad they could overcome their problems and find happiness. 

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review of Miss Molly Robbins Designs a Seduction


Jayne Fresina

Molly Robbins runs away from her wedding to a farmer, in order to follow her dream of opening a dress shop.  Molly is the former maid of Carver Danforthe's sister.  Carver Danforthe, the Earl of Everscham, had offered to finance her shop, before Molly left for her wedding.  Unfortunately, Carver was drunk and Molly is taking a great risk, but luckily, Carver signs the contract that Molly has drawn up.  

MISS MOLLY ROBBINS DESIGNS A SEDUCTION is an enjoyable historical romance with interesting characters and a determined heroine.  Carver, who had a troubled childhood, is something of a rake.  Carver's life, mostly, consists of carousing with his friends and going from woman to woman.  Few people stand up to Carver, but Molly seems to have his number and doesn't put up with his antics.  Although Carver has hidden depths, in many ways he is self-centered.  This can be seen in his failure to realize the social impact to Molly of becoming his mistress.  Molly has come a long way from her poor, commoner roots and has established herself in a thriving business, but her love for Carver soon overcomes her business acumen.  In the end, Carver realizes his love for Molly,even though he fights commitment, because of his troubled past.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Review of Must Love Dukes

MUST LOVE DUKES may be purchased here.

Elizabeth Michels

Lillian Phillips goes to London, unescorted, to retrieve some family heirlooms, that her good-for-nothing older brother sold.  Lilly is able to buy her mother's pearl necklace back from the pawnbroker, but Devon Grey, the Duke of Thornwood, has already purchased her father's watch.  Called the Mad Duke of Thornwood by the ton, Devon escapes to a seedy bar for some respite from society, but he is followed by Lilly, who is determined to get the watch back.  Lilly ends up spending the night with Devon and sneaks off the next morning with the watch in hand.  A year later, Lilly's brothers are trying to force her to marry a man of their choosing and have sent her to London for the season.  Lilly runs into a highly perturbed Devon, who has been unable to get her off his mind.  

MUST LOVE DUKES is a very entertaining historical romance with an eccentric, brilliant hero, but a heroine, with whom I had issues.  Lilly doesn't wish to marry, because she is tired of being a pawn for men.  While I can understand this, her attitude toward taking the watch from Devon, left a bad impression on me.  Even so, Lilly does have some good qualities in that, she is intelligent and determined.  Devon really made this book for me, because he liked to thumb his nose at the ton in brilliant and hilarious ways.  I really enjoyed his antics, and the fact that society never caught on made it all the more amusing.  

All in all, MUST LOVE DUKES is a good read with a marvelous hero.  I highly recommend this book.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.   

Monday, April 21, 2014

Review of What the Groom Wants

WHAT THE GROOM WANTS may be purchased here.

Jade Lee

Radley Lyncott returns from the sea, hopeful to court Wendy Drew, the woman that he has loved for years.  Unfortunately, Wendy's brother has got himself in debt to a notorious rake, Demon Damon, and Wendy has agreed to help pay off the debt by working in Damon's gambling establishment.  Damon, also, has become obsessed with Wendy, and to complicate matters further, Radley unexpectedly inherits a title and Wendy doesn't consider herself his social equal.

WHAT THE GROOM WANTS is a real page-turner of a book, filled with action, excitement, and interesting characters.  I really enjoyed the fact that Wendy isn't the ordinary regency heroine--she is a commoner, who has pulled herself up by the bootstraps and runs a successful business.  Wendy will do almost anything for her friends and family, and she is very intelligent and motivated.  The villain of the story Demon Damon, is a real psycho, and at times, Wendy's plight seems all but impossible.  Radley is a great hero, who is up-standing and good of heart, but he does occasionally suffer from foot-in-mouth disease.  These two make a great couple, and I really enjoyed their story.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review of The MacGregor's Lady

THE MACGREGOR'S LADY may be purchased here.

Grace Burrowes

Asher MacGregor has returned to Scotland to accept his responsibilities as the Earl of Balfour and has been volunteered by an elderly relative to squire Hannah Cooper, an American heiress around for her first London season.  Hannah doesn't want a husband, because she desperately wants to return home and thwart her scheming stepfather.  Asher, who is in mourning for his first wife, doesn't seek a spouse, either.  However, as they continue to be in each others company an attraction grows.

THE MACGREGOR'S LADY, while not my favorite book in the MacGregor's series, is a nice addition to the series.  Hannah is a determined, stubborn woman, who will do anything for her family.  However, Hannah's insistence on not marrying, even after she falls in love with Asher, seems rather illogical.  Because of the time period in which Hannah lives, she has few rights and would benefit from Asher's protection as her husband.  Asher, who is still in mourning when he first meets Hannah, is determined to help her. 

All in all, THE MACGREGOR'S LADY is an enjoyable read and a welcome addition to the series.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review of The Magic Between Us


THE MAGIC BETWEEN US may be purchased here.

Tammy Falkner

When Marcus Thorne breaks up with Cecelia Hewitt and leaves her in the faerie realm to accept his responsibilities as the eldest son of an aristocrat in the human world, she is heartbroken.  Marcus and Cecelia have been sweethearts, since they were children.  Now, they must figure out how to live apart or compromise and live together in both worlds.  

THE MAGIC BETWEEN US, while not my favorite in the Faerie series, is an enjoyable, paranormal read with interesting quirky characters.  While I can understand Cecelia's hurt over Marcus' treatment of her.  Once they become close again, Cecelia seems to take a little too long to confide in Marcus.  Marcus is torn between two worlds and trying to prove himself to a family, that he has always wanted.  Marcus makes some mistakes but does a credible job of redeeming himself.  

All in all,  THE MAGIC BETWEEN US is an entertaining read, which makes a nice addition to the Faerie series.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review of Gentlemen Prefer Mischief

GENTLEMEN PREFER MISCHIEF may be purchased here.

Emily Greenwood

Lilly Teagarden is from a landed family, but when her father died, Lilly, her two brothers, and sister found out that they were almost broke.  Lilly started, secretly, making shawls and selling them to help her family.  The family's finances turn around, but Lilly continues making shawls, because she has plans for the money.  Unfortunately, a legend about the Woods Fiend gets in the way of her business, when it is rumored that her sheep are possessed.  Lilly confronts her recently returned neighbor, Viscount Roxham, about dealing with the Woods Fiend.  Lilly and the new viscount have a past, because Lilly had a crush on him when she was sixteen, and she is still embarrassed about her unrequited puppy love.  

While Roxham is described as" Lord Perfect", I found myself having a hard time warming to his character.  While Roxham is a charming rogue, the fact that he felt no shame for reading Lilly's diary seemed less than honorable and heroic.  By the end of the book, Roxham grew more tolerable to me, because he is a good match for the much too serious Lilly and adds some levity to her life. While Roxham lightens Lilly, Lilly helps to ground Roxham, which makes for a good match.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Review of Douglas

DOUGLAS may be purchased here.

Grace Burrowes

Douglas Allen, Viscount Amery, has unexpectedly inherited his family's title and lands, but he is ill-prepared to run his estates.  Gwinevere Hollister is recommended as someone to teach Douglas about land management, because she has been managing her cousin's estate for several years.  Douglas and Guinevere are attracted to each other, but Gwinevere has been hurt by love before and is hesitant to allow a man into her life.

DOUGLAS is an entertaining historical romance with a wonderful hero and an independent, but traumatized, heroine.  Douglas is a great hero, who has an emotionless facade, which hides a truly good, loving man.  This can be seen in the way he treats his family, Gwinevere's daughter, Gwinevere, and even his horse.  While I can understand Gwinevere's reticence  in allowing a man into her life, she carries it a bit far in not trusting Douglas with the truth of her situation, even after proving himself trustworthy.

All in all, DOUGLAS is a great read with one of my favorite heroes, but I wish the heroine had been upfront about her situation a little sooner.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review. 

Review of Andrew

ANDREW may be purchased here.

Grace Burrowes

Andrew Alexander has, finally, returned home after wandering around Europe for several years.  Andrew's brother, the Marquess of Heathgate, and the rest of his family are thrilled.  Unfortunately, Astrid Worthington, the Viscountess of Amery,and the reason why Andrew fled to Europe, is widowed and pregnant with the possible next Viscount.  When it becomes evident that someone is trying to murder Astrid and her unborn child, Andrew feels he must try to save them.

ANDREW is an enjoyable historical romance with likable characters and some danger and intrigue.  Andrew is a likable, protective hero, who makes it his mission to help Astrid.  Unfortunately, his reasons for not being together with Astrid seem a little lame.  Fortunately, Astrid overcomes his reticence, and they make a great couple.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Review of A Seal Wolf Christmas

A SEAL WOLF CHRISTMAS may be purchased here.

Terry Spear

Former Navy SEAL and gray wolf shifter, Bjornolf traveled to South America to shadow a team of shifters, that is trying to rescue a kidnapped family.  With the team is Anna Johnson, to whom Bjornolf is greatly attracted.  After Bjornolf and Anna return to the US, they are tasked with an undercover assignment as a married couple by the team leader.  While investigating some murders, Anna and Bjornolf must, also, supervise a teenage wolf, which brings them closer together.

A SEAL WOLF CHRISTMAS is an entertaining paranormal romance with lots of action, suspense, and complex,likable characters.  It is very entertaining trying to fit all the puzzle pieces together about the murder mystery.  Bjornolf is a strong, alpha male, who is determined to protect Anna, but, also, trusts her to do the job that she is trained for.  Anna has some issues,that she needs to work through, before she can truly be with Bjornolf.  Luckily, Bjornolf is patient and supportive, until she is ready to reveal her issues.

All in all, A SEAL WOLF CHRISTMAS is an enjoyable read with great action and a lovely romance.  I highly recommend it.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Apology for being MIA

I've been having some health issues and have got way behind on my reviews.  I just got out of the hospital and  hopefully will feel much better, soon.  If I owe you a review, please bear with me.
Thanks to everyone for your support.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review of Legend of the Highland Dragon

LEGEND OF THE HIGHLAND DRAGON may be purchased here.

Isabel Cooper

Stephen MacAlasdair has come to London to handle some family business and to stop an enemy before he harms anyone. Mina, who works for Professor Carter as a secretary, is suspicious of Stephen and protective of her employer. When Mina travels to Stephen's home and learns his secret, he hires her as his personal secretary, so he can keep an eye on her and make sure that she doesn't reveal his secret. Mina becomes embroiled in Stephen's quest to stop a powerful enemy and grows more attached to Stephen.

 LEGEND OF THE HIGHLAND DRAGON is an entertaining paranormal romance with action, intrigue, and unique characters. Mina is a great heroine, who keeps her head about her in dangerous situations. A woman ahead of her time, Mina has struggled to make it in a male-dominated profession and has raised herself above the status of her birth.
 Born into a poor, working class family, Mina is strong, intelligent and aware of her social position in Victorian London. Stephen is a true gentleman, who allows Mina to contribute to his endeavors, which is a different attitude to take from most gentleman. Stephen and Mina have a true partnership, but they most overcome Stephen's heritage and class differences to be together. All in all, LEGEND OF THE HIGHLAND DRAGON is an enjoyable read, which I highly recommend.

 NOTE: I received this book in return for an impartial review.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review of Lady Jenny's Christmas Portrait

LADY JENNY'S CHRISTMAS PORTRAIT may be purchased here.

Grace Burrowes

Lady Genevieve "Jenny" Winfield is used to being shuttled between members of her large family, as the only unmarried female left in the family.  While visiting her sister's family, Jenny meets Elijah Harrison, who has come to do a potrait of her nephews.  Elijah hopes the portrait of children will help give him admittance into the Royal Academy of Artists.  Jenny, who has great promise as an artist, helps Elijah, and they grow closer.  

LADY JENNY'S CHRISTMAS PORTRAIT is an enjoyable regency romance with lovable characters and a charming plot.  Jenny wants to pursue her art, but in the male-centric society, in which she lives, this is almost an impossible task.  Because of this, Jenny is determined to go to Paris, where women are allowed to study art.  Jenny is a likable character, but she is a little hard-headed about some things, which I found annoying.  Elijah is a great hero, who loves his family and is loved by children and cats.  Elijah makes a great hero, because he encourages Jenny's art and pushes her to excel.  These two make a great couple, for it is evident that they are made for each other.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Review of Unclaimed

UNCLAIMED may be purchased here.

Sara Humphreys

Tatianna Winters, a hybrid from the Timber Wolf Clan, wants nothing to do with her Amoveo shifter heritage, especially the destined mate aspect.  When Tatianna's sister asks her to come to the Amoveo prince's ranch to help with his horses who have fallen ill, Tatianna, a veterinarian, reluctantly agrees.  Dominic Trejada, a Guardian for the prince really wants to find his mate, because`his time is running out.  Unfortunately, an Amoveo shifter must find his/her mate by the time they turn thirty or they lose their powers.  Luckily, Tatianna turns out to be Dominic's mate, but convincing her of that fact may prove difficult.  To top all of this off, Dominic and Tatianna must deal with purists and a human group, bent on the destruction of the prince and his followers.

With likable characters and an intense, action-packed plot, UNCLAIMED is a wonderful addition to the Amoveo Legend series.  Tatianna is a strong, intelligent woman, who refuses to accept a mate, whom she doesn't pick, even if she is greatly attracted to Dominic.  Dominic is a strong, determined male, but he will not force Tatianna to accept him.  I really liked the fact, that Dominic gave Tatianna the space and time to discover her true feelings.  While the villain is fairly easy to discern, the action and danger make the story intense and gripping.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.

Review of Prince of Shadows

PRINCE OF SHADOWS may be purchased here.

Tes Hilaire

Valin, a Paladin warrior, is the black sheep of the warriors, for while he has a lightness about him, there is, also, a darkness.  Even his special power of moving through shadows, puts him in a grey area more than the other warriors.  Valin knows that Gabriella, a succubus vampire who fights against her dark side, is his mate.  Unfortunately, Lucifer's minions are trying to gain power, and Gabriella and Valin are in their way.

PRINCE OF SHADOWS makes a good addition to the Paladin warrior series, even though it took me awhile to get into it.  However, once the action picked up, I became enthralled by the plot and became invested in the characters, especially Gabriella.  Gabriella is the daughter of a succubus and was turned into a vampire by her evil stepfather at the age of fourteen.  Gabriella's stepfather has tortured her and tried to turn her to the evil side for years.  Now, that her stepfather is thought to be dead, Gabriella is working with humans with special powers to stop evil creatures.  The Paladins know nothing of this human group, but Valin is searching for Gabriella.  When Valin finds Gabriella, the humans keep him and another Paladin in their center to keep an eye on them.  Valin tries to get close to Gabriella but is hesitant to tell her his true feelings.  Since his wife and unborn child were killed, Valin is having trouble letting go of the past, and Gabriella, who has been tortured for years, thinks herself unlovable.  It is wonderful watching these two grow to love and sacrifice for each other.

While the pacing is a little slow to start, PRINCE OF SHADOWS ends with a bang, and this reader grew very attached to the characters.  I can't wait for the next book in the series.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review of the Marriage Wager

THE MARRIAGE WAGER may be purchased here.

Jane Ashford

Lady Emma Tarrant is forced to support herself by gambling after her despicable, gambler husband is killed.  Emma can't call on her family for help, because her father has disowned her for eloping with her deceased husband, who only wanted her money.  Emma has, finally, returned to England after traveling in Europe for seven years.  While at a gaming house, Emma notices Lord Colin Wareham, who she thinks is fleecing a younger man.  Lord Colin Wareham, the fifth Baron of St. Mawr, has recently returned to England after many years fighting against Napoleon.  Colin, whose mother has been parading debs in front of him, finds that he has become impatient with the frivolity of London society.  Emma is determined to save the young man from ruin and confronts Colin, who finds Emma intriguing. 

THE MARRIAGE WAGER is an enjoyable Regency romance with complex characters.  Emma is a strong, intelligent woman, who has to adapt to take care of herself after putting herself in the hands of a selfish, uncaring husband.  Colin, who has survived the horrors of war, hasn't come out untouched. Colin has nightmares and bouts of depression due to the horrors that he has witnessed.  It is wonderful watching the relationship between these two, slowly, grow and mature into a great love.  The only slight problem, that I have with the book, is that it took a little bit too long for Emma to confide her problems to Colin.  However, I can understand her need to deal with her problems by herself, since she has been having to do just that for years.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review of Gareth

GARETH may be purchased here.

Grace Burrowes

Miss Felicity Hemmings Worthington has inherited a brothel from a distant relative, but there are stipulations that she learn the business from Gareth Alexander, the Marquess of Heathgate.  If Gareth refuses, his replacement would be a despicable man, and Gareth won't allow that to happen.  Gareth is something of a rake, who inherited his title and properties after a tragic family boating accident, which killed his grandfather, uncle, father, cousin, older brother, and his fiancee.  There were rumors after the accident, that Gareth was behind the accident. and Gareth had a rough time of it.  After taking over his new responsibilities, Gareth has made his family very prosperous, but the rumors continue.  Gareth doesn't want to taint Felicity's reputation, but she is almost destitute and has a younger sister to support, so he agrees to help her.

GARETH is a historical romance, which I have mixed feelings about.  I really enjoyed the previous books in this series, and GARETH has its moments, but the first part of the book didn't work well for me.  I had a hard time warming to Gareth, because it seemed he could have done more to get Felicity out of her situation.  I, also, found his reasons for not committing to Felicity a little lame.  Felicity handles the situation fairly well, and she makes a nice heroine.  GARETH picks up toward the end and there is some excitement, surprises, and a satisfying ending.  I'm looking forward to the next book in the series about Felicity's sister and Gareth's brother, who are great engaging characters.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review of Gargoyle: Three Enchanting Romance Novellas

GARGOYLE may be purchased here.

Beth Barany, Kay Keppler, and Patricia Simpson

In "On a Wing and a Prayer" an adorable garden gargoyle seeks to protect his owner, Beatrix, and gets some help from an unexpected place.  This novella is charming and Craig, the gargoyle, is a great character.  This is a cute story, which will make you smile.

"Touchstone of Love" is a time-travel romance, in which, Rose Walden is sent to 13th century France during a freak storm.  There Rose meets Julien, a mason, who is secretly sculpting a gargoyle to enter into a competition.  While the romance in this story is enchanting, there wasn't much of the gargoyle in the plot.  I found this lack of gargoyle a little disappointing.  

My favorite novella in this anthology, "The Miller's Daughter", is about Merofled, who has been sentenced to burn as a witch, and Alaric, who has been tasked with overseeing her execution.  Merofled's sentence is postponed, when she volunteers to go with Alaric to rescue a farmer's son, who has been taken by a gargoyle.  Merofled, who has a way with animals, realizes the gargoyle is just different and misunderstood, like Merofled, herself.  Alaric realizes that Merofled has been unjustly accused and seeks to save her.  These two make an appealing couple, who are a little ahead of their time.

Because I love gargoyle stories, I enjoyed this anthology.  I recommend this anthology to readers, who enjoy gargoyle tales.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review.