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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review of Lady Jenny's Christmas Portrait

LADY JENNY'S CHRISTMAS PORTRAIT may be purchased here.

Grace Burrowes

Lady Genevieve "Jenny" Winfield is used to being shuttled between members of her large family, as the only unmarried female left in the family.  While visiting her sister's family, Jenny meets Elijah Harrison, who has come to do a potrait of her nephews.  Elijah hopes the portrait of children will help give him admittance into the Royal Academy of Artists.  Jenny, who has great promise as an artist, helps Elijah, and they grow closer.  

LADY JENNY'S CHRISTMAS PORTRAIT is an enjoyable regency romance with lovable characters and a charming plot.  Jenny wants to pursue her art, but in the male-centric society, in which she lives, this is almost an impossible task.  Because of this, Jenny is determined to go to Paris, where women are allowed to study art.  Jenny is a likable character, but she is a little hard-headed about some things, which I found annoying.  Elijah is a great hero, who loves his family and is loved by children and cats.  Elijah makes a great hero, because he encourages Jenny's art and pushes her to excel.  These two make a great couple, for it is evident that they are made for each other.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Review of Unclaimed

UNCLAIMED may be purchased here.

Sara Humphreys

Tatianna Winters, a hybrid from the Timber Wolf Clan, wants nothing to do with her Amoveo shifter heritage, especially the destined mate aspect.  When Tatianna's sister asks her to come to the Amoveo prince's ranch to help with his horses who have fallen ill, Tatianna, a veterinarian, reluctantly agrees.  Dominic Trejada, a Guardian for the prince really wants to find his mate, because`his time is running out.  Unfortunately, an Amoveo shifter must find his/her mate by the time they turn thirty or they lose their powers.  Luckily, Tatianna turns out to be Dominic's mate, but convincing her of that fact may prove difficult.  To top all of this off, Dominic and Tatianna must deal with purists and a human group, bent on the destruction of the prince and his followers.

With likable characters and an intense, action-packed plot, UNCLAIMED is a wonderful addition to the Amoveo Legend series.  Tatianna is a strong, intelligent woman, who refuses to accept a mate, whom she doesn't pick, even if she is greatly attracted to Dominic.  Dominic is a strong, determined male, but he will not force Tatianna to accept him.  I really liked the fact, that Dominic gave Tatianna the space and time to discover her true feelings.  While the villain is fairly easy to discern, the action and danger make the story intense and gripping.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.

Review of Prince of Shadows

PRINCE OF SHADOWS may be purchased here.

Tes Hilaire

Valin, a Paladin warrior, is the black sheep of the warriors, for while he has a lightness about him, there is, also, a darkness.  Even his special power of moving through shadows, puts him in a grey area more than the other warriors.  Valin knows that Gabriella, a succubus vampire who fights against her dark side, is his mate.  Unfortunately, Lucifer's minions are trying to gain power, and Gabriella and Valin are in their way.

PRINCE OF SHADOWS makes a good addition to the Paladin warrior series, even though it took me awhile to get into it.  However, once the action picked up, I became enthralled by the plot and became invested in the characters, especially Gabriella.  Gabriella is the daughter of a succubus and was turned into a vampire by her evil stepfather at the age of fourteen.  Gabriella's stepfather has tortured her and tried to turn her to the evil side for years.  Now, that her stepfather is thought to be dead, Gabriella is working with humans with special powers to stop evil creatures.  The Paladins know nothing of this human group, but Valin is searching for Gabriella.  When Valin finds Gabriella, the humans keep him and another Paladin in their center to keep an eye on them.  Valin tries to get close to Gabriella but is hesitant to tell her his true feelings.  Since his wife and unborn child were killed, Valin is having trouble letting go of the past, and Gabriella, who has been tortured for years, thinks herself unlovable.  It is wonderful watching these two grow to love and sacrifice for each other.

While the pacing is a little slow to start, PRINCE OF SHADOWS ends with a bang, and this reader grew very attached to the characters.  I can't wait for the next book in the series.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review of the Marriage Wager

THE MARRIAGE WAGER may be purchased here.

Jane Ashford

Lady Emma Tarrant is forced to support herself by gambling after her despicable, gambler husband is killed.  Emma can't call on her family for help, because her father has disowned her for eloping with her deceased husband, who only wanted her money.  Emma has, finally, returned to England after traveling in Europe for seven years.  While at a gaming house, Emma notices Lord Colin Wareham, who she thinks is fleecing a younger man.  Lord Colin Wareham, the fifth Baron of St. Mawr, has recently returned to England after many years fighting against Napoleon.  Colin, whose mother has been parading debs in front of him, finds that he has become impatient with the frivolity of London society.  Emma is determined to save the young man from ruin and confronts Colin, who finds Emma intriguing. 

THE MARRIAGE WAGER is an enjoyable Regency romance with complex characters.  Emma is a strong, intelligent woman, who has to adapt to take care of herself after putting herself in the hands of a selfish, uncaring husband.  Colin, who has survived the horrors of war, hasn't come out untouched. Colin has nightmares and bouts of depression due to the horrors that he has witnessed.  It is wonderful watching the relationship between these two, slowly, grow and mature into a great love.  The only slight problem, that I have with the book, is that it took a little bit too long for Emma to confide her problems to Colin.  However, I can understand her need to deal with her problems by herself, since she has been having to do just that for years.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review of Gareth

GARETH may be purchased here.

Grace Burrowes

Miss Felicity Hemmings Worthington has inherited a brothel from a distant relative, but there are stipulations that she learn the business from Gareth Alexander, the Marquess of Heathgate.  If Gareth refuses, his replacement would be a despicable man, and Gareth won't allow that to happen.  Gareth is something of a rake, who inherited his title and properties after a tragic family boating accident, which killed his grandfather, uncle, father, cousin, older brother, and his fiancee.  There were rumors after the accident, that Gareth was behind the accident. and Gareth had a rough time of it.  After taking over his new responsibilities, Gareth has made his family very prosperous, but the rumors continue.  Gareth doesn't want to taint Felicity's reputation, but she is almost destitute and has a younger sister to support, so he agrees to help her.

GARETH is a historical romance, which I have mixed feelings about.  I really enjoyed the previous books in this series, and GARETH has its moments, but the first part of the book didn't work well for me.  I had a hard time warming to Gareth, because it seemed he could have done more to get Felicity out of her situation.  I, also, found his reasons for not committing to Felicity a little lame.  Felicity handles the situation fairly well, and she makes a nice heroine.  GARETH picks up toward the end and there is some excitement, surprises, and a satisfying ending.  I'm looking forward to the next book in the series about Felicity's sister and Gareth's brother, who are great engaging characters.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Review of Gargoyle: Three Enchanting Romance Novellas

GARGOYLE may be purchased here.

Beth Barany, Kay Keppler, and Patricia Simpson

In "On a Wing and a Prayer" an adorable garden gargoyle seeks to protect his owner, Beatrix, and gets some help from an unexpected place.  This novella is charming and Craig, the gargoyle, is a great character.  This is a cute story, which will make you smile.

"Touchstone of Love" is a time-travel romance, in which, Rose Walden is sent to 13th century France during a freak storm.  There Rose meets Julien, a mason, who is secretly sculpting a gargoyle to enter into a competition.  While the romance in this story is enchanting, there wasn't much of the gargoyle in the plot.  I found this lack of gargoyle a little disappointing.  

My favorite novella in this anthology, "The Miller's Daughter", is about Merofled, who has been sentenced to burn as a witch, and Alaric, who has been tasked with overseeing her execution.  Merofled's sentence is postponed, when she volunteers to go with Alaric to rescue a farmer's son, who has been taken by a gargoyle.  Merofled, who has a way with animals, realizes the gargoyle is just different and misunderstood, like Merofled, herself.  Alaric realizes that Merofled has been unjustly accused and seeks to save her.  These two make an appealing couple, who are a little ahead of their time.

Because I love gargoyle stories, I enjoyed this anthology.  I recommend this anthology to readers, who enjoy gargoyle tales.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review of My Lady Quicksilver

MY LADY QUICKSILVER may be purchased here.

Bec McMaster

Sir Jasper Lynch, Master of the Guild of Nighthawks and a blue blood, has been ordered by the Queen's Consort to find the elusive Mercury, who is a revolutionary leader of the humanist cause.  Mercury, aka Rosalind Fairchild, has been searching for her missing brother, since he disappeared during a failed attempt on the upper Echelon blue bloods.  Knowing that Jasper is investigating the failed bombing, Rosalind goes undercover as Jasper's secretary to find out what he knows.  

MY LADY QUICKSILVER is a fabulous steampunk romance with complex world-building and interesting, multi-dimensional characters.  The third book in a series, MY LADY QUICKSILVER, continues in the great world Ms. McMaster has made, and she seems to have really hit her stride with this book.  While I greatly enjoyed the previous books, this one has become my favorite, so far.  Sir Jasper Lynch is a sigh-inducing hero, who I fell a little in love with.  Jasper tries to keep himself aloof from everyone else, but he doesn't quite succeed.  Even so, he has erected a cold, steely facade, which Rosalind penetrates in no time.  There are some great humorous scenes between these two.  Also, Jasper is something of a genius, who has a great interest in studying many things.  I find this very appealing in a hero.  Rosalind is prepared to hate Jasper, because he is one of the despised blue bloods, but as she gets to know him, she realizes that he is a truly remarkable man with a good heart.  Even when circumstances in the book point to Jasper being able to hurt Rosalind, he can't do it.  Jasper won't hurt Rosalind and is willing to sacrifice himself for her.  

If you haven't read this series, what are you waiting for?  MY LADY QUICKSILVER is a keeper and highly recommended. 

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Spotlight and Giveaway of Against the Ropes

My review of AGAINST THE ROPES is here.


Run. I should run. But all I can do is stare.

His fight shorts are slung deliciously low on his narrow hips, hugging his powerful thighs. Hard, thick muscles ripple across the broad expanse of his chest, tapering down to a taut, corrugated abdomen. But most striking are the tattoos covering over half of his upper body—a hypnotizing cocktail of curving, flowing tribal designs that just beg to be touched.
He stops only a foot away and I crane my neck up to look at his face.
God is he gorgeous.
His high cheekbones are sharply cut, his jaw square, and his eyes dark brown and flecked with gold. His aquiline nose is slightly off-center, as if it had been broken and not properly reset, but instead of detracting from his breathtaking good looks, it gives him a dangerous appeal. His hair is hidden beneath a black bandana, but a few tawny, brown tufts have escaped from the edges and curl down past the base of his neck.
A smile ghosts his full lips as he studies me. A lithe and powerful animal assessing its prey.
My finely tuned instinct of self-preservation forces me back against the ropes and away from his intoxicating scent of soap and leather and the faintest kiss of the ocean.
“Excuse me…Torment. I…thought you forgot to buy a ticket, but…um…I don’t think you really need one. Do you?”
“A ticket?” His low-pitched, husky, sensual voice could seduce a saint. Or a young college grad trying to supplement her meager salary by selling tickets at a fight club.
My heart thunders in my chest and I lick my lips. His eyes lock on my mouth, and my tongue freezes mid-stroke before beating a hasty retreat behind my Pink Innocence glossed lips.
He steps forward and I press myself harder against the springy ropes, wincing as they bite into my skin through my thin T-shirt.
“Are you Amanda?”
With herculean effort, I manage to pry my tongue off the roof of my mouth. “I’m the best friend.”
He lifts an eyebrow. “Does the best friend have a name?”
“Doesn’t suit you. Do you have a different name?”
“What do you mean a different name? That’s my name. Well, it’s my nickname. But that’s what people call me. I’m not going to choose another name just because you don’t like it.” My hands find my hips, and I give him my second-best scowl—my best scowl being reserved for less handsome irritating men.
His gaze drifts down to the bright white “FCUK Me” lettering now stretched tight across my overly generous breasts. With my every breath, the letters expand and retract like a flashing neon sign. I hate my sister.
He leans so close I can see every contour of bone and sinew in his chest and the more intricate patterns in his tribal tattoos. The flexible ropes accommodate my last retreat, and I brace myself, trembling, against them.
“What’s your real name?” he rumbles.
“Makayla.” Oh, betraying lips.
He smiles and his eyes crinkle at the corners. “Makayla is a beautiful name. I’ll call you Makayla.”
Heat roars through me like a tidal wave. He likes my name. “So…about that ticket—” 

                                                   ABOUT THE AUTHOR


Recovering lawyer,karate practitioner, and caffeine addict, Sarah Castille worked and traveled abroad before trading her briefcase and stilettos for a handful of magic beans and a home near the Canadian Rockies. Her steamy, contemporary romantic tales feature blazingly hot alpha heroes and the women who tame them.


Twitter (@sarah_castille): http://www.twitter/

The author has kindly offered a copy of AGAINST THE ROPES to one of my lucky readers. (US/Canada only) All you have to do is leave a comment with a way to reach you. The winner will be chosen on Nov. 5th at which time I will notify them and get the info to send the the author's representative, who will handle the sending of the book. Good luck!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review of A Lady's Secret Weapon

A LADY'S SECRET WEAPON may be purchased here.

Tracey Devlyn

Ethan de Beau, Viscount Danforth, is a spy for Nexus and his most recent mission is to find a missing boy.  Before this mission Ethan mostly used his seductive powers to seduce information about the enemy from women.  While scoping out a foundling home, Ethan notices a lady, who appears several times, and he makes it his business to check her out.  Miss Sydney Hunt knows, that there is something going on at the foundling home, and she is determined to uncover it and aid the boys.

A LADY'S SECRET WEAPON is a suspense-filled regency romance with an intriguing plot and complex characters.  Ethan isn't the ordinary regency hero, in that he seems a little more emotional than most, which is a refreshing change.  Ethan is a great guy, who loves his friends, family, and country and will do what he must to protect them.  Sydney is a strong, intelligent heroine, who has faced great obstacles and has survived to come out scarred but stronger.  Ethan shows her, that she is lovable and helps her to heal.  These two make a great couple, and I love their chemistry.  I have one small quibble with the book, in that the ending seems rather abrupt.  With that said, there is a surprising twist at the end, that is unexpected.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review.  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tour and Review of Lord Laxton's Will

LORD LAXTON'S WILL may be purchased here.

Julie Tetel Andresen

With the reading of Lord Laxton's will, Adrian Marton, the new Lord Laxton, and his sister, Lady Wynchwood, discover that they have an illegitimate half-sister.  Adrian and Lady Wynchwood, also, discover that they must sponsor their half-sister in society and see her well-married, in order, to receive their inheritance.  When Lady Wynchwood and Adrian's sister arrives calling herself Mademoiselle Sophie Saint-Vire, they decide to say that Sophie is a relative of Lady Wynchwood's husband, so that she will be accepted in society.  The Marquis of Laleham, Adrian's best friend, comes upon Sophie in Adrian's room and mistakes her for Adrian's mistress.  Later, after hearing the tale spread by Adrian and Lady Wynchwood, Laleham is still suspicious of Sophie.  Thus, begins a battle of wills between Laleham and Sophie.

LORD LAXTON'S WILL is a nice regency romance with a spunky, intelligent heroine.  Sophie is bright and used to taking care of herself, and she is more than a match for Laleham.  Laleham is rather aloof and used to having his own way, and he finds a worthy opponent in Sophie.  It is fun watching these two spar and realize, that they belong together.  I have one small quibble with the pacing of this novel, in that, the ending seems a little abrupt.  However, this doesn't detract much from the overall enjoyment of LORD LAXTON'S WILL.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review.


Biography of Julie Tetel Andresen
 Julie Tetel Andresen’s seemingly disparate writing activities – fiction, non - fiction and essays in foreign languages – all arise from a un ified sense of her writing self. As a professional linguist, she loves language, while as a romance writer she loves the language of love; and when learning a foreign language, she loves nothing more than exploring the limits of her ability to express herself in that language on paper. In her academic writing, she has long been devoted to exploring the history of linguistics, and this disciplinary exploratio n parallels her devotion to writing historical novels. In her most recent academic work “Linguistics and Evolution” (Cambridge 2014), she shows the ways that the history of linguistic theory and practice informs the current state of the discipline, and this sense of the past pressing on the present informs her time - slip series . Her writing activities have alway s been entwined temporally. She wrote her first historical “My Lord Roland” while writing her PhD dissertation “ Linguistic Crossroads of the Eighteenth Century ,” and all her early acade mic articles were written mostly in French. Twenty novels and dozens of journal articles later, she wrote her Regency novella “French Lessons” while waiting for the 2012 autumn meeting of the Cambridge Press Syndicate to decide to issue her a contract for “Linguistics and Evolution.” At the same time, she happened to be in Ho Chi Minh City learning Vietnamese and happily writing her Vietnamese essays . She firmly believes that one type of writing strengthens the others. Her historical novels have honed her craft of plotting and sub - plotting, while her time - slip series has given her the Kraft (in the German sense of the word 'power') to handle the long historical arc and multiple characters involved in “Linguistics and Evolution.” Her professional study of language, in turn, makes her sensitive to the vocabulary and rhythms of speech in other places an d time periods; while writing in a foreign language – be it French, German, Romanian, or Vietnamese – is to her like the pianist warming up with scales and arpeggios or the yogini trying out a new asana . Can she get her leg behind her head in Romanian? No? Well, then how about triangle pose? Can she get into full lotus in Vietnamese? Again, no? Let’s see about half - lotus. Andresen grew up in Glenview, Ill. She holds a bachelor of arts degree from Duke University and a doctorate from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She has taught at Duke University for the past 20 years where she specializes in linguistics.

A list of Julie's books may be found here.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review of Against the Ropes

AGAINST THE ROPES may be purchased here.

Sarah Castille

Makayla, who has exorbitant student loan debts, is working at the door of a mixed martial arts club to make some extra money.  While there, Mikayla meets the owner and participant in the fighting, Torment/Max.  Max hires Mikayla to work as a medic in his club, and she accepts the position, even though she has problems with violence.

AGAINST THE ROPES is a hot,contemporary, adult romance with intriguing characters and steamy love scenes.  Max is a very alpha hero, who has a batman-like vibe about him.  Issues from Max's past have made him very protective and controlling, and there are a couple of times, that he almost crosses the line into jerk.  However, once Max's trauma is explained, his actions can be forgiven, and he learns and grows into his relationship with Mikayla.  Mikayla is a bundle of contradictions, who reminds me of a more tortured Bridgette Jones.  Unfortunately, Mikayla has a few TSTL moments, but she has  issues to overcome from her past.  It is only after she works through these issues, that Mikayla can truly have a relationship with Max.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Review of Geek Girls Don't Date Dukes

GEEK GIRLS DON'T DATE DUKES may be purchased here.

Gina Lamm

Leah Ramsey is in something of a funk after her ex-boyfriend asks her to be a bridesmaid at his wedding to another woman, and to top this off, her beloved grandfather starts talking about her finding a husband before he dies.  When Leah gets the chance to travel to the past and find love, she jumps at the chance.  Avery Russell, a valet to a duke, doesn't know what to make of the beautiful woman, who lands in his arms, but he knows that he must help her.

GEEK GIRLS DON'T DATE DUKES is a time travel romance with some amusing scenes and interesting characters.  Leah is an intelligent, head-strong woman, but she is a little too impulsive for my taste.  While I did like her character, I was a little annoyed about her lack of prudence in certain situations.  Avery is a non-typical hero, in that he is not particularly tall and is from the commoner class during the regency period.  Avery is a wonderful hero, who has something of an inferiority complex, because of some traumas from his past.  However, Avery is a really good person, who is caring for his ailing aunt.  Avery makes for a great leading man.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Review of To Wed a Wicked Highlander

TO WED A WICKED HIGHLANDER may be purchased here.

Victoria Roberts

Sybella MacKenzie, daughter to the MacKenzie Laird, is something of a tomboy, and she wants to prove herself as worthy as her brother to her clan.  When her father makes arrangements for Sybella to marry their enemy, Alexander MacDonell, Laird of the MacDonell clan, Sybella agrees to the marriage but isn't happy about it.  Sybella's father wants her to gain Alexander's trust and search for a treasure, that the MacDonells stole from her clan, but Sybella finds herself growing closer to her husband.

TO WED A WICKED HIGHLANDER is an entertaining historical romance with complex characters and some very amusing scenes.  Sybella is torn between her duty to her father and her clan and her love for her husband.  Sybella has a tough decision to make, and either way she turns may be considered a betrayal to those she loves.  Sybella is full of spunk and determination, and I quite like her as a heroine.  Alexander is a great hero, who dotes on his ailing aunt and clan.  Alexander doesn't try to stifle Sybella's independent nature, in fact, he is attracted to that quality in her.  The secondary characters are interesting and realistic.  I, especially, like Alexander's aunt.

All in all, TO WED A WICKED HIGHLANDER is an enjoyable read, which I highly recommend.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review of Bad Nights

BAD NIGHTS may be purchased here.

Rebecca York

Former navy SEAL, Jack Brandt, goes undercover for the security company, that he started with his two friends, Max and Shane.  Jack infiltrates a militia group called RAM, but he is caught while investigating the militia leader's computer.  The militia leader tortures Jack, trying to find out what he knows.  Luckily, Jack makes his escape, when the leader leaves.  Jack makes it as far as the woods outside Morgan Rains' cottage.  Morgan has come to the cottage to pack up, in order to put the cottage up for sale.  Since the death of her husband during a robbery, Morgan has been going mostly on autopilot, and she wants to sale the cottage, that reminds her of her late husband.  When Morgan hears a noise outside and investigates, she finds a naked, injured man and helps him, little knowing that she is putting herself in great danger from a radical militia group.

Filled with action, adventure, and a steamy love story, BAD NIGHTS is an entertaining romantic suspense with complex characters and a thrilling plot.  Jack is a great hero, who has been through great trauma and is very protective of Morgan.  Even though Jack is protective of Morgan, he works with her to survive and they become true partners.  Morgan is a strong, intelligent heroine, who holds her own with Jack.  It is great to see a capable heroine, instead of the TSTL heroines, who sometimes appear in books.

All in all, I greatly enjoyed BAD NIGHTS, and I highly recommend it.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Review of It Takes Two to Tangle

IT TAKES TWO TO TANGLE may be purchased here.

Theresa Romain

Henry Middlebrook has returned to London after fighting Napoleon and losing the use of his right arm. Henry's brother and sister-in-law are worried about him and decide to help him find a wife.  Caroline, the widowed Countess of Stratton, a favorite of the ton, seems a likely candidate.  When Henry meets Caroline, he decides to try and woo her, but she is surrounded by admirers.  Because of this, Henry seeks help from Caroline's companion, Francis Whittier.

IT TAKES TWO TO TANGLE is an enjoyable Regency romance with complex characters, but something of a lull in pacing during the middle of the book.  Henry has to adapt to his new reality and try to fit back into society after the horrors of war.  Although, at first, Henry sets his sights on Caroline, he soon finds himself drawn to Francis.  Francis is an intelligent woman with lots of spunk, and she is just the remedy, that Henry needs to overcome some of his obstacles.

All in all, IT TAKES TWO TO TANGLE is an entertaining book with a lovely couple, which I recommend.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review of How to Date a Dragon

HOW TO DATE A DRAGON may be purchased here.

Ashlyn Chase

When Bliss Russo's apartment catches fire, she is rescued by hunky fireman and dragon shifter, Drake Cameron.  Drake is the last of his clan, and he is searching for another dragon shifter, so he can have children.  Unfortunately, Drake can't get Bliss out of his head, and to be with her, he will have to let his dream of children go.

HOW TO DATE A DRAGON is an amusing paranormal romance, filled with quirky characters.  Bliss is a determined, focused heroine, who doesn't back down from anything or anyone.  Bliss makes a great match for a dragon shifter, who has a rather complicated life.  Drake is something of a laid back hero, who is charming and protective.  The secondary characters are entertaining, especially Mother Nature.

All in all, HOW TO DATE A DRAGON is an nice read with some humorous scenes.  I recommend this book for someone looking for an, amusing, quick read.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review of Gabriel

GABRIEL may be purchased here.

Grace Burrowes

Gabriel Wendover returns to his home after a two year absence, during which he was declared dead and his title and holdings reverted to his brother.  Since Gabriel's brother, the new Marquess of Hesketh, has fought many duels and appears to be something of a reprobate, Gabriel decides that he most come out of hiding to set the Marquessate to rights.  Gabriel will, also, need to discover, who has been trying to kill him before he settles down to his rightful position.  Meanwhile, Polonaise "Polly" Hunt, the former cook at Gabriel's last position as a land manager at a crumbling estate, has been commissioned to paint a portrait of Gabriel's brother and sister-in-law.  While Gabriel was in hiding, he pretended to be an untitled man and grew close to Polly.  Thinking he has left Polly behind and out of danger, Gabriel is surprised to find Polly in his house.

I have really been enjoying the Lonely Lords series, and GABRIEL doesn't disappoint.  I became very invested in all the characters lives and enjoyed the primary romance, as well as, a great secondary romance.  Gabriel is a great hero, who has something of a disability with a bad back, but he doesn't let that stop him and soldiers on in trying to help his family and his love, Polly.  Polly has secrets, which she thinks will keep her from ever becoming a marchioness, and she is willing to sacrifice for those she loves.  The mystery of who is trying to kill Gabriel is resolved in an unexpected way, and I will be looking forward to the next book in this series.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Review of My Own Mr. Darcy

MY OWN MR. DARCY may be purchased here.

Karey White

After Elizabeth Barrett watches the PRIDE AND PREJUDICE movie starring Matthew Macfadyen, she falls for Mr. Darcy and decides not to settle for anything less than her own Mr. Darcy.  As a consequence of this, Elizabeth hasn't gone out on a date with anyone more than once or twice.  Then her roommate gets her to agree to go on ten dates with the next man, who asks her out.  The next man, who asks her out is Chad, a nice science teacher and swim coach.  Later, Elizabeth meets Matt Dawson, who looks like Mr. Darcy and seems to act like Mr. Darcy.  

Since PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is my favorite book, I enjoy reading sequels, reimaginings, and everything else dealing with it.  MY OWN MR. DARCY is a delightful read with a quirky, determined heroine, with whom I can identify with.  What lover of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE hasn't wished for her own Mr. Darcy?   Chad is a great guy, who is very kind and resilient.  While Matt has some similarities to Mr. Darcy, he, also, has some negative character traits.  Even so, I felt a little sorry for Matt, in the end.  This book reminded me of the Garth Brooks' song "Unanswered Prayers".

All in all, MY OWN MR. DARCY is an enjoyable read, which I recommend.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review of Love on a Midsummer Night

LOVE ON A MIDSUMMER NIGHT may be purchased here.

Christy English

Arabella Darlington, the widowed Duchess of Hawthorn, finds herself in a bad situation, when her dead husband's nephew, the new Duke of Hawthorn, tries to force her to marry him, so that he can have her dower portion and use her for his lecherous intentions.  Horrified, Arabella flees to seek aid from the only man that she has ever loved, Raymond Olivier, the Earl of Pembroke.  The couple flee to the country to escape the powerful new Duke of Hawthorn and his nefarious intentions.

LOVE ON A MIDSUMMER NIGHT has a heroine, whom I didn't much care for, but it has a wonderful hero.  Arabella has known only abuse from men, except for her one true love, Raymond.  While I can understand her reticence to marry again, considering the time period, she needs someone's protection from the Duke of Hawthorn.  Her schemes to escape the Duke seem rather ill thought out, because such a powerful man would probably find her.  Raymond, on the other hand, is stalwart and determined to protect Arabella, even when he thinks she has betrayed him.  Raymond is steadfast in his desire to marry and protect her and will do most anything to that end.

All in all, LOVE ON A MIDSUMMER NIGHT is a nice Regency romance with a sigh-worthy hero but a heroine, who struck me as a little tedious.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review of What the Bride Wore

WHAT THE BRIDE WORE may be purchased here.

Jade Lee

Grant Benton, the Earl of Crowle, has been working in trade, in order to restore the lands, which his father lost.  Because he is responsible for some of the problems his family faces, Grant has no contact with his family, while he works to restore the family fortunes.  Grant calls himself Mr. Grant and takes on the persona of a tradesman.  Grant meets Lady Irene Knopp, buyer for a dress shop, when he makes the last transaction for his needed money.  Unfortunately, Grant learns, because of the many improvements that have been made to the land, he can't afford it.  Disappointed, Grant decides to return to his aristocratic life and he meets Irene, whom he can't stop thinking about.  When Grant and Irene are attacked, Grant makes it his purpose to investigate the attack and protect Irene.

WHAT THE BRIDE WORE is a very entertaining historical romance with wonderfully eccentric characters and a nice mystery.  Ms. Lee has a way with words, and I found myself enthralled from the very beginning.  Grant is not the ordinary hero, but this reader couldn't help rooting for him.  Grant has been fighting the voice in his head, which he calls his "madness" for a very long time and has worked himself to the bone for five long years, only to have the rug pulled out from under him.  Luckily, Grant finds a new purpose in helping Irene, which helps keep him from his former dissolute ways.  Grant isn't a perfect hero, but his foibles make him all the more lovable.  Irene is a widow, who fell into a decline when her husband died.  It is only after she is offered the position as purchaser, that she snaps out of her stupor.  Irene is hesitant about giving her heart, and she refuses to stop working, because it gives her a sense of purpose.  Irene doubts, that Grant and she can be married, because of societal expectations.  There are some great secondary characters, as well.  I particularly liked Mr. Morrison, a Bow Street Runner, who is a brilliant detective, but whose social graces could use some work.  

All in all, WHAT THE BRIDE WORE is a keeper for me, which I highly recommend.  I will be reading Ms. Lee's backlist and looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Review of Jaguar Fever

JAGUAR FEVER may be purchased here.

Terry Spear

Maya Andersen, a jaguar shifter, hasn't been around others of her kind, much, except for her brother.  So when Maya discovers a club in a nearby city that caters to jaguar shifters, she is game to go and have some fun.  Maya has, also, discovered some cousins, whom she plans to meet at the club.  Once at the club, Maya causes a stir among the male shifters, especially Wade Patterson.  Wade has come to the club to investigate the illegal smuggling and hunting of jaguars.  Of course, Maya gets involved in the investigation and helps Wade and his brother.

JAGUAR FEVER is an enjoyable paranormal romance with interesting characters and an action-filled plot.  I really enjoyed the fact, that Maya could take care of herself and didn't take any guff from the overprotective, alpha male shifters in her life.  Wade is a great hero, who although he wants to claim Maya from their first meeting, gives her the space she needs to overcome her fears.  Maya is hesitant to have a long-term relationship, because her father deserted her brother and herself, when he learned their mother was pregnant.  Along with being a good romance, this book contains lots of action and adventure dealing with the smugglers.

All in all, JAGUAR FEVER is an entertaining read, which I recommend.  I'll be on the lookout for the next book in the series.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review of Once Upon a Tartan

ONCE UPON A TARTAN may be purchased here.

Grace Burrowes

Tiberius "Tye" Lamartine Flynn, the Earl of Spathfoy and heir to a marquessate, travels to Scotland on a mission from his father to retrieve his niece, Fiona, from her Scottish relatives.  Hester Daniels, Fiona's step-aunt has been left to care for Fiona, while Fiona's mother and step-father are on their honeymoon.  Hester has been hurt by a smooth-talking Englishman and left to face the scandal alone. Therefore, Hester is reluctant to trust Tye but is very attracted to him.

ONCE UPON A TARTAN is a lovely Victorian romance with lovable characters and a satisfying ending.  Tye is one of my favorite heroes, to date.  At first, Tye seems all British reserve and stiff upper lip, but Hester and Fiona worm their way into his heart, and he must make a choice between honor and love.  There are times that Tye reminds me of my all-time favorite hero, Mr. Darcy.  I find myself falling a little bit for Tye.  Who wouldn't love a man, who puts his family first and dotes on his horse?  Hester is a great heroine, who has been shuffled off to Scotland in disgrace but is determined to do the best for Fiona, whom she loves.  Hester finds herself falling for Tye but is hesitant to commit, because of her past situation.  There are numerous scenes which made me smile, and Fiona and Tye's horse are great characters on their own.

All in all, ONCE UPON A TARTAN is a heart-warming romance, which I highly recommend.  It saddened me to read the last page, and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Easy Canvas Giveaway and Review

Easy Canvas contacted me about reviewing their canvases, and I was happy to comply.  The ordering process was super easy and the canvas arrived very quickly.  The above picture is the canvas, that I chose.  It has a great look, and I've really been enjoying it.  I haven't hung it, yet, but will hang it someplace prominent, because it makes me smile and brightens my day.  These canvases would make awesome gifts, and you might want to get one for yourself.

The kind people at Easy Canvas are offering a canvas to one of my readers. (US only)
Please enter via the rafflecopter below.  This giveaway is sponsored by Easy Canvas and they will handle everything dealing with it.

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Photo on Canvas

NOTE:  I received this product in return for an impartial review.

Review of Tall, Dark, and Vampire

TALL, DARK, AND VAMPIRE may be purchased here.

Sara Humphreys

Olivia Hollingsworth, a vampire, has remained faithful to her deceased lover for three centuries.  When Doug Paxton, a cop, arrives at her club to investigate a murder, Olivia is shocked to see the spitting image of her lover.  Olivia, immediately, feels a connection, but she feels she must let him go.  Olivia doesn't wish to turn him into a vampire, like herself.  Unfortunately, a rogue vampire is making more rogue vampires, and they are going on killing sprees, which seem to be focused on Olivia's nightclub.

TALL, DARK, AND VAMPIRE is an entertaining paranormal romance with likable characters and an action-packed storyline.  Olivia is a strong, intelligent, heroine, who has a soft spot for strays and has made her own little family.  Doug is thrown into a world that seems unbelievable, but he adapts very quickly and soon becomes a great partner for Olivia.  From almost the very beginning, I was drawn into Olivia's world, became involved with her struggles, and grew to like the characters in her "family". 

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review.  

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Deathwatch Release Day Blitz

DEATHWATCH by Dana Marton releases August 19th and may be purchased here.  DEATHWATCH is the third book in the Broslin Creek series.  DEATHSCAPE is book 1 and may be purchased here.  DEATHTRAP is book 2 and may be purchased here.

Deathwatch Blurb:
The only person who can identify the most notorious hit man in the country, Kate Bridges is running for her life. Murphy Dolan is in the Army Reserves, returning from his 2nd tour of duty, only to find a stranger hiding in his house. She's scared spitless. He's completely burned out on violence. Neither has any trust left to give.

Deathwatch Excerpt:
“Let’s try one more time.” Murph moved toward her. “Pretend I’m the assassin. Murph is dead out in the kitchen. You’re out of bullets and cornered.” He reached for her. “First choice?”
“Kill the bastard.” Kate grabbed for the barstool and whacked him in the head as hard as she could, but he twisted in the last second and the blow glanced off his skull.
He’d ordered her right at the beginning, fairly forcefully, to hold nothing back. And then he’d pushed and pushed, baiting and goading her. At this stage, if she maimed him, she figured he deserved it.
“Second choice?” He pushed forward with a growl.
“Incapacitate him then call 911.” She lunged forward instead of pulling back, and kicked at his most sensitive parts, but wobbled at the last second and missed by a fraction of an inch.
“Third choice?” He grabbed for her.
“Run like hell and live to see another day.” She put her head down, then yanked it up hard, smashing it into his chin so that his head snapped back and his grip on her slipped.
She ran for the stairs that led up.
He was on top of her in a second, bringing her down and pinning her. “Wrong move. What did we say about the stairs?”
“If I have a choice, go down.” The basement had an outside exit, while upstairs she could get trapped.
“Right.” He lifted his body off her and sat next to her, his eyes narrowing as he watched her struggle to catch her breath. His biceps bulged from under his black T-shirt that was barely wrinkled, while her shirt and pants looked like he’d mopped the house with her. Which, technically, he had.
She sat up. He was insanely strong. She hadn’t expected that, considering his injury. And he was fast. He didn’t have to think about what move he was going to make next. He fought on instinct, while her instincts pushed her to run away screaming.
Except when they pushed her to throw herself into his arms. She looked away from him, not wanting him to read her pitiful reaction in her eyes.
“I’m going to reinforce the rainspouts. Then you can go upstairs if you have no other choice, and climb down without breaking your neck.”
“I can break my neck even if the rainspout doesn’t break under me. Severe balance deficiency. Remember?”
He closed his eyes for a second. “All right. If at all possible, go for the basement.” He reached into his pocket and gave her a set of car keys.
“What’s this?”
“I got a rental today. It’s parked in front of 212 Summer Lane. You run out the basement door, cross the back neighbors’ yard. It’s a black Mustang. There’s some money and a backup gun in the glove compartment. If all else fails, you get in and drive away. Tank is full. It has GPS. Just drive and be safe.”
“And you?”
“Don’t worry about me.”
Tension filled the air between them as they stared at each other.
“I don’t want you to get hurt.”
“We’re going up against a master hit man. We’re going to get hurt. Our best case scenario is just not to be dead when this is over.”
She drew back, her limbs going cold suddenly. “Maybe we shouldn’t do this. I could just leave. I’m good at running. I’m a hell of a lot better at running than I am at fighting.”
“If all goes well, you won’t have to fight. I’ll fight for you. We discussed this already. This is the only way you’ll ever be free. This is your best chance. You have a partner this time, someone who’s been trained both as a cop and a soldier. And we know Asael is here, that he’s coming. He loses the element of surprise.”
He moved closer and took her hand. “If you want to be free…I’m pretty sure it’s one of those now or never things. We’ll set the trap for the day after tomorrow. I don’t want to wait too long, or he might make his move when we’re not expecting it.”
She nodded.
“We’ll make a show of me going off,” he said. “But I’ll circle back and come in through the back door. When he comes, I’ll engage him. You go call for help. If he gets through me, you run for your life. But it’s not going to happen. I’m going to handle him.”
He stood then reached out to pull her to her feet.
She hesitated a moment before she asked, “How is your shoulder?”
“I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”
“Right. That’s why you still favor your right arm.”
“I can use my left arm.” He put his left hand under her chin, tilting her face to him. Then he lowered his head to hers and kissed her.
Everything went still inside her as his warm lips touched hers. She could barely remember the last time she’d been kissed. She hadn’t realized how much she’d missed this, a man’s arms around her, his dark gaze boring into hers with scorching heat. And, boy, could Murph Dolan fix a girl with a look that sent tingles down all the way to her toes.
He smelled like man, tasted like coffee and felt like heaven.
Her eyelids fluttered closed, and she gave herself to the sensation of being pressed against his hard chest while his mouth explored her gently, teasing her, tasting her. His great warrior body vibrated with restrained need, but he took the kiss slowly.
He brushed his lips over hears in agonizingly slow motion, covering every nook and cranny, then catching her bottom lip between his teeth for a minute before he swept inside and tasted her fully, making her weak in the knees.
Maybe he remembered her balance issues, because he gathered her against him tightly. Part of her wouldn’t have minded staying like that forever.
“I wanted to do this from the moment I saw you sleeping in my bed,” he murmured against her mouth.
“I just wanted to shoot you,” she said the first thing that popped into her dazed mind, then caught herself and winced. “Sorry.”
He laughed as he stepped back. “That’s a very healthy survival instinct. We’re going to develop more of that in whatever little time we’ll be given.”
And then he attacked her.

Find Dana on facebook here.
Dana's website is here.

Author Bio:
Dana Marton writes fast-paced action-adventure romances that take her readers all over the globe. She is a Rita Award finalist and the winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence. She loves writing stories of intrigue, filled with dangerous plots that try her tough-as-nails heroes and the special women they fall in love with. Her books have been published in seven languages in eleven countries around the world.
She would love to hear from her readers.

Okay, the above version is the glamour version for press releases. The truth is that my path to publication was nothing but unglamorous. I wrote for 13 years and completed 4 books (as well as having others in various stages of completion) before I finally received a call from a Harlequin editor. I was beginning to wonder if I was being tenacious or just too dense to know when to quit. But it all worked out at the end! J I love, love, love writing and would spend all day in front of the computer if I could just break my family of the habit of wanting to eat and wear clean clothes. What’s up with that? But I must get up from the desk now and then, if only because my Internet connection goes down or my ancient PC overheats. Then I do enjoy cooking, knitting, hunting for treasures at the flea market, our Beagle, Peanut the Destroyer, and gardening.
I’d love it if you picked up one of my books and emailed me to tell me what you thought of it. I’ve been known to name characters after readers. Just ask Princess Judi.