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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review of Against the Ropes

AGAINST THE ROPES may be purchased here.

Sarah Castille

Makayla, who has exorbitant student loan debts, is working at the door of a mixed martial arts club to make some extra money.  While there, Mikayla meets the owner and participant in the fighting, Torment/Max.  Max hires Mikayla to work as a medic in his club, and she accepts the position, even though she has problems with violence.

AGAINST THE ROPES is a hot,contemporary, adult romance with intriguing characters and steamy love scenes.  Max is a very alpha hero, who has a batman-like vibe about him.  Issues from Max's past have made him very protective and controlling, and there are a couple of times, that he almost crosses the line into jerk.  However, once Max's trauma is explained, his actions can be forgiven, and he learns and grows into his relationship with Mikayla.  Mikayla is a bundle of contradictions, who reminds me of a more tortured Bridgette Jones.  Unfortunately, Mikayla has a few TSTL moments, but she has  issues to overcome from her past.  It is only after she works through these issues, that Mikayla can truly have a relationship with Max.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review.