Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review of Wolfishly Yours

WOLFISHLY YOURS may be purchases here.

Lydia Dare

Miss Lavinia Mayeux  isn't happy to be sent to England by her father, because of her wild ways.  Lavinia's father hopes, that her grandfather, Lord Holmesfield, can teach her to be a lady and get her a good matrimonial match.  Lord Holmesfield asks for Lady Radbourne's help in turning Lavinia into a lady in the eyes of the ton.  Meanwhile, Lady Radbourne's sons, Grayson and Archer,  are forced by their pack alpha and half-brother, Lord Eynsford, to take ettiquette lessons from Lady Radbourne's companion, Lady Sophia Cole.  It is decided, that Lady Sophia will help Lavinia, as well, and she enlists the aid of Grayson and Archer in teaching Lavinia to dance.  The attraction between Grayson and Lavinia is instantaneous, but Grayson knows that a match between Lavinia and someone with his prospects and reputation will never be allowed.

WOLFISHLY YOURS is a great shifter romance with endearing characters and a delightful plot.  Lavinia makes a great heroine, used to dealing with her Lycan family, she is strong and a little rough around the edges.  Lavinia tries her best to fit in but somehow, usually with the help of Grayson, makes great social gaffes.  Grayson is a wonderful hero, who is a little unsure of himself, as far as Lavinia is concerned.  Lavinia's arrival really knocks Grayson for a loop, and it is great watching him become tongue-tied around her.  The interactions between the Lycans are hilarious and, as someone with rambunctious brothers, quite true to form.

All in all, WOLFISHLY YOURS is an entertaining read with many humorous moments, and I can't wait for the next book in this series.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review.