Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review of Untamed

UNTAMED may be purchased here.

Sara Humphreys

Layla Nickelson, half human and half Amoveo, returns to her foster home, while running from the dreams, in which her mate comes to her.  William Fleury, a full blood Amoveo, has found his mate and is willing to do anything necessary to protect her and convince her of his love.  During all this emotional turmoil, these two must face the attack on Layla's foster mother and the threat of purists from the Amoveo clans.

UNTAMED is a good paranormal read with multi-faceted characters and an intense, exciting plot.  William is a great hero, who has many Darcy-like qualities, in that he is uptight and aloof on the surface, but has a deep, passionate nature hidden underneath.  Layla is William's opposite in many ways, in that she is spontaneous and a little hot-headed.  Layla is something of a tortured soul, because of the many foster homes, that she was forced to endure as a child.  Layla, also, considers herself a freak, because she doesn't seem to fit in either world, the human or the Amoveo.  It is understandable, that Layla would be reticent to fall into William's arms, because of her fears and her past.  It is great to see these two work through their problems, in order to be together.  There is just one thing in UNTAMED that bothered me a little, and that is the fact that the Amoveo use a word from their ancient language to trigger their special powers.  It seems strange, that they use the same word for everything.  I would think, that they should use a different word for every task.  Other than this one small quibble, I enjoyed UNTAMED and hope to read the next book in this series.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.