Saturday, May 7, 2011


Sherrilyn Kenyon
Grand Central Publishing, April 2011
ISBN:  978-0-446-57325-2

Caillen Dagen, a smuggler, has spent much of his life looking out for his three sisters, but this time one of his sisters gets him into a real mess.  Desideria, daughter to a queen and a member of her guard, seeks to prove herself to her mother but is hampered by prejudice against her mixed heritage.  These two meet up after an attempted assassination throws them together, and the sparks fly-- literally and figuratively.

Ms. Kenyon continues her league series, which is set in a vivid, imaginative world and has complex, intriguing characters.  Let me state up front, that I love Caillen's snarky, irreverent comments and attitude.  The interactions between his friends and him are priceless.  Caillen has been forced to be tough, in order to survive his harsh upbringing, but he loves his family and friends.  Desideria hasn't had a cushy life for herself, either.  Born into a military family and almost, ostracized because of her mixed heritage, Desideria needed to be tough to survive.  However, her toughness is softened and strengthened by a love of family and great core values.  These two make a great couple and it was thrilling to read their story.  The only small quibble, that I have with the book is Caillen's thoughts about not being able to trust people.  These thoughts seemed to be excessive and after awhile, became repetitive and annoying.  Other than this minor point, I greatly enjoyed BORN OF SHADOWS and can't wait for the next in the series.

Note:  I purchased this book and gave an impartial review.