Thursday, May 1, 2014

Review of Must Love Dukes

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Elizabeth Michels

Lillian Phillips goes to London, unescorted, to retrieve some family heirlooms, that her good-for-nothing older brother sold.  Lilly is able to buy her mother's pearl necklace back from the pawnbroker, but Devon Grey, the Duke of Thornwood, has already purchased her father's watch.  Called the Mad Duke of Thornwood by the ton, Devon escapes to a seedy bar for some respite from society, but he is followed by Lilly, who is determined to get the watch back.  Lilly ends up spending the night with Devon and sneaks off the next morning with the watch in hand.  A year later, Lilly's brothers are trying to force her to marry a man of their choosing and have sent her to London for the season.  Lilly runs into a highly perturbed Devon, who has been unable to get her off his mind.  

MUST LOVE DUKES is a very entertaining historical romance with an eccentric, brilliant hero, but a heroine, with whom I had issues.  Lilly doesn't wish to marry, because she is tired of being a pawn for men.  While I can understand this, her attitude toward taking the watch from Devon, left a bad impression on me.  Even so, Lilly does have some good qualities in that, she is intelligent and determined.  Devon really made this book for me, because he liked to thumb his nose at the ton in brilliant and hilarious ways.  I really enjoyed his antics, and the fact that society never caught on made it all the more amusing.  

All in all, MUST LOVE DUKES is a good read with a marvelous hero.  I highly recommend this book.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.