Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review of the Marriage Wager

THE MARRIAGE WAGER may be purchased here.

Jane Ashford

Lady Emma Tarrant is forced to support herself by gambling after her despicable, gambler husband is killed.  Emma can't call on her family for help, because her father has disowned her for eloping with her deceased husband, who only wanted her money.  Emma has, finally, returned to England after traveling in Europe for seven years.  While at a gaming house, Emma notices Lord Colin Wareham, who she thinks is fleecing a younger man.  Lord Colin Wareham, the fifth Baron of St. Mawr, has recently returned to England after many years fighting against Napoleon.  Colin, whose mother has been parading debs in front of him, finds that he has become impatient with the frivolity of London society.  Emma is determined to save the young man from ruin and confronts Colin, who finds Emma intriguing. 

THE MARRIAGE WAGER is an enjoyable Regency romance with complex characters.  Emma is a strong, intelligent woman, who has to adapt to take care of herself after putting herself in the hands of a selfish, uncaring husband.  Colin, who has survived the horrors of war, hasn't come out untouched. Colin has nightmares and bouts of depression due to the horrors that he has witnessed.  It is wonderful watching the relationship between these two, slowly, grow and mature into a great love.  The only slight problem, that I have with the book, is that it took a little bit too long for Emma to confide her problems to Colin.  However, I can understand her need to deal with her problems by herself, since she has been having to do just that for years.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.