Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review of Bad Nights

BAD NIGHTS may be purchased here.

Rebecca York

Former navy SEAL, Jack Brandt, goes undercover for the security company, that he started with his two friends, Max and Shane.  Jack infiltrates a militia group called RAM, but he is caught while investigating the militia leader's computer.  The militia leader tortures Jack, trying to find out what he knows.  Luckily, Jack makes his escape, when the leader leaves.  Jack makes it as far as the woods outside Morgan Rains' cottage.  Morgan has come to the cottage to pack up, in order to put the cottage up for sale.  Since the death of her husband during a robbery, Morgan has been going mostly on autopilot, and she wants to sale the cottage, that reminds her of her late husband.  When Morgan hears a noise outside and investigates, she finds a naked, injured man and helps him, little knowing that she is putting herself in great danger from a radical militia group.

Filled with action, adventure, and a steamy love story, BAD NIGHTS is an entertaining romantic suspense with complex characters and a thrilling plot.  Jack is a great hero, who has been through great trauma and is very protective of Morgan.  Even though Jack is protective of Morgan, he works with her to survive and they become true partners.  Morgan is a strong, intelligent heroine, who holds her own with Jack.  It is great to see a capable heroine, instead of the TSTL heroines, who sometimes appear in books.

All in all, I greatly enjoyed BAD NIGHTS, and I highly recommend it.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.