Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Review of Once Upon a Tartan

ONCE UPON A TARTAN may be purchased here.

Grace Burrowes

Tiberius "Tye" Lamartine Flynn, the Earl of Spathfoy and heir to a marquessate, travels to Scotland on a mission from his father to retrieve his niece, Fiona, from her Scottish relatives.  Hester Daniels, Fiona's step-aunt has been left to care for Fiona, while Fiona's mother and step-father are on their honeymoon.  Hester has been hurt by a smooth-talking Englishman and left to face the scandal alone. Therefore, Hester is reluctant to trust Tye but is very attracted to him.

ONCE UPON A TARTAN is a lovely Victorian romance with lovable characters and a satisfying ending.  Tye is one of my favorite heroes, to date.  At first, Tye seems all British reserve and stiff upper lip, but Hester and Fiona worm their way into his heart, and he must make a choice between honor and love.  There are times that Tye reminds me of my all-time favorite hero, Mr. Darcy.  I find myself falling a little bit for Tye.  Who wouldn't love a man, who puts his family first and dotes on his horse?  Hester is a great heroine, who has been shuffled off to Scotland in disgrace but is determined to do the best for Fiona, whom she loves.  Hester finds herself falling for Tye but is hesitant to commit, because of her past situation.  There are numerous scenes which made me smile, and Fiona and Tye's horse are great characters on their own.

All in all, ONCE UPON A TARTAN is a heart-warming romance, which I highly recommend.  It saddened me to read the last page, and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.