Thursday, May 30, 2013

Review of A Highland Werewolf Wedding

A HIGHLAND WEREWOLF WEDDING may be purchased here.

Terry Spear

In the late 1700's, after Elaine Hawthorne's parents are killed in an accident, her two pirate uncles come to her Florida home and try to make a match with her and another notorious pirate.  Elaine balks at this and convinces her uncles to take her with them to Scotland.  Unfortunately, her uncles are arrested and hanged upon arrival, and Elaine is terrified and alone.  While fleeing from the sight of her uncles' hanging, Elaine runs into Cearnach MacNeill, who is trying to recover property stolen from his family by Elaine's uncles.  Elaine brings out all of Cearnach's protective instincts, but the very young Elaine flees him. 

Fast forward to modern times:  Cearnach and Elaine meet again, when she runs him off a tiny Scottish country road.  Elaine has come to Scotland to meet a Kirkpatrick cousin about finding her uncles' treasure stash, but after some incidents with her cousins, who didn't at first know who she was, Elaine doesn't trust them.

A HIGHLAND WEREWOLF WEDDING contains two of my favorite things:  shifters and highlanders.  The characters are engaging, and I enjoyed the interactions between the members of the MacNeill clan.  I was afraid, that Cearnach was going to keep secrets from Elaine, but I'm happy to say that he communicates with her from the beginning, is upfront about everything, and treats her as a partner.  Honesty is a great quality in a hero.  Elaine has had to fight and has been alone much of her life.  It is wonderful to see Elaine taken in by Cearnach's big, boisterous, loving clan.  I love the MacNeill clan, and since I haven't read the first two stories about them, I'm anxious to go back and read Cearnach's brothers' stories.

All in all,  A HIGHLAND WEREWOLF WEDDING is a great read with plenty of sigh-worthy brawny highlanders.  What more could you ask for?

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.