Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review of Darius

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Grace Burrowes

Darius Lindsey is the second son of an earl, who has cut him off without funds.  Because of this, Darius becomes something of a gigolo, in order to survive financially.  Darius is very circumspect in his actions, in order to avoid scandal tainting his siblings. Lord William Longstreet, is an elderly statesman married to a much younger woman, whom he married to save from the schemes of an evil stepfather.  William knows that he has little time left on earth, and he needs a heir to inherit his title and estate.  Because of this, William decides to hire Darius to impregnate his wife, Lady Vivian.  Vivian is hesitant about this plan but decides to go through with it.  Will Vivian and Darius escape their time together with their hearts unscathed?

DARIUS is a lovely, regency romance with an atypical hero and an interesting premise.  At first, I was hesitant to read this book, because of the characterization of Darius as a male prostitute, but I'm very glad that I gave it a chance, because Darius has become one of my favorite heroes.  Raised by a brutal, abusive father, Darius has something of a poor self-image, but he has a great determination to sacrifice, help, and protect those that he loves.  It is wonderful to see Darius' interactions with his family and servants.  Darius has a tendency to aid those in need, and many of his servants fit this bill.  Vivian is a true lady, who puts up with a lot from her stepfather, who is a very dastardly character.  It is great watching Darius bring Vivian out of her shell and watching them fall in love. 

All in all, DARIUS is a delightful romance, which I highly recommend.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review.