Sunday, March 31, 2013

Review of A Baron in Her Bed

A BARON IN HER BED may be purchased here.

Maggi Andersen

Guy Truesdale, Baron Fortescue, has come to England to claim his title and estate.  After Guy's father was forced to flee England because of a duel,  he married an aristocratic French woman and the family lived abroad through the French Revolution and Napoleon's reign.  Now, Guy and his sister are all that is left of his immediate family, and he is determined to take his rightful place as Baron Fortescue.  Unfortunately, someone seems determined to end Guy's life.  Luckily, after Guy is injured in a murder attempt, Miss Horatia Cavendish comes upon him lying in the road and comes to his aid.  Because Horatia is dressed in male clothes, Guy thinks that she is a teenage boy.  Thus, begins the adventures of Horatia and Guy.

A BARON IN HER BED is a very entertaining historical with plenty of action and a nice mystery.  From the beginning until the very end, this book keeps the reader on her toes.  Action and adventure are part and parcel of this story, and Horatia and Guy are cut out to adapt to all the mystery and intrigue.  Guy has been through a lot in his life, and those experiences, probably, make him more forward thinking in his attitude toward women.  Horatia is an independent, headstrong woman, who seeks to help the man that she loves.  There is only one part of the story in which, I wish Horatia had
been less impulsive and more prudent.  Other than this one moment, Horatia makes an admirable heroine.

All in all, A BARON IN HER BED is a wonderful, exciting historical romance, which I highly recommend.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review.