Sunday, February 17, 2013

Review of WILDCAT

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Cheryl Brooks
Jerden Morokovitz, a Zetithian, has settled on Terra Minor and became something of a recluse, because he is grieving the loss of a former lover at the hands of an insane former client.  Zetithians are known for their skills as lovers, and Jerden worked at the Zetithian Palace and was paid exorbitant amounts of money for sex.  When Audrey was killed, Jerden goes a little crazy from guilt and grief and settles in the middle of nowhere.  Sara Shield has settled on Terra Minor to breed and train horses, and her new stallion has gone missing.  The new stallion has been spotted with Jerden, and Sara goes to retrieve her stallion.  Sara has sworn off men, but Zetithians are said to be irresistible.

WILDCAT is an enjoyable paranormal romance with complex characters and great world-building.  Let me just say, that I wouldn't mind a Zetithian of my very own.  However, Jerden, at first, is so tormented by grief and guilt, that he pushes everyone away.  When Sara comes into his life, Jerden, begins to heal and come out of his shell.  Sara is, also a tortured soul, devestated by a past incident, she steers clear of men.  It is wonderful to watch these two broken people work through their problems and become stronger together.  I have only one small quibble with the book, and that is the villain of the piece is pretty obvious from the start.  Other than this, WILDCAT is a good read, which  I highly recommend.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an unbiased review.