Monday, August 13, 2012

Review of HOT COCO

HOT COCO may be purchased here.

Cindy McDonald

Coco Bearmore, a Barbie-like heiress, is having trouble with her horse trainer and her five thoroughbred horses, who get into lots of mischief.  When Coco tearfully asks Mike West for his help, he agrees to take on the training of her horses, and drama ensues, especially because Coco is very clumsy and her horses have very bad habits.

HOT COCO has romance, intrigue, and great characters, but it isn't like most mainstream romances.  HOT COCO tells the story of the West family and some of the people associated with them.  Mike West is the oldest son of Eric West, and he helps run the family stables.  Mike is attracted to Coco's outward appearance, but because of her clumsiness, has trouble getting close to her.  At first, I didn't like Mike much, because he seemed to be all about outward appearances, but as the book progressed, he seemed to realize that there is more to a person than their looks.  Coco has a good heart but is terribly clumsy and always getting into situations.  Toward the end of the book, Coco becomes more self-sufficient. 

All in all,  I enjoyed HOT COCO and became involved in the lives of the characters.  It was nice to see how they grew, and I look forward to reading more about this family.

NOTE:  I was given this book in return for an impartial review.