Wednesday, May 23, 2012


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Elisabeth Naughton

Orpheus, who is part Daemon and an unwilling member of the Guardians, is determined to rescue his brother, Gryphon, from the Underworld.  In order to do this, he must find the Orb of Kronos, a powerful artifact which the gods want too.  Meanwhile, Skyla, a siren who is an assassin for Zeus, is sent to retrieve the orb from Orpheus and kill him.  Unfortunately, the gods can be deceptive and Skyla may be biting off more than she can chew.

At first, I had trouble getting into ENRAPTURED, but once I did, I became "enraptured".  Perhaps the fact, that I haven't read any of the previous books in the series, accounts for my lack of affinity for the beginning of the book.  However, once I got into the book, I couldn't wait to turn the next page and find out what happened next.  The characters are memorable and the plot exciting.  I have always enjoyed Greek mythology, and Ms. Naughton has an intriguing take on this mythology.   Orpheus, who doesn't think himself worthy and has to fight his dark side, is a true hero.  Sklya, who is torn between her duty and her feelings for Orpheus, must follow her heart to find happiness.  The secondary characters are great especially, Gryphon, who makes my heart ache, because he is in such pain.  Because of this, I can't wait for the next book in this series.

NOTE:  I received this book in return for an impartial review.


Karen said...

I have the first book in this series and I keep forgetting to read it! Thanks for the reminder :-)