Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review of STUD

STUD may be purchased here.

Cheryl Brooks

Tarq Zulveidione, one of the few Zetithians left after their planet was destroyed,travels around impregnating women, in order to help his species continue.  Lucinda Force is trapped working in her father's cafe, when Tarq walks in.  Lucinda has seen Tarq's ads about having his children and getting much pleasure in return, and she is intrigued.  Lucinda sees Tarq as her chance to have children and escape the stifling presence of her father and family.

STUD is a very entertaining science fiction romance with an interesting premise, and multi-faceted characters.  Although I haven't read the other books in this series, I had no trouble catching the gist of the book.  While the beginning felt a little slow, after Lucinda runs away from her family,the pace picks up and a great adventure commences,  Tarq is one of the most lovable heroes, that I have ever encountered,  I was apprehensive that Tarq would come across as a gigolo with a big ego.  However, there is nothing further from the truth, Tarq is handsome, appealing and strong but has insecurities, which make him all the more lovable.  Lucinda, who has been put down all her life, also, has insecurities, which make her think Tarq couldn't possibly want her.  These two must overcome their insecurities, as well as, many dangers to be together.

Overall, STUD is a great read, and I will be awaiting the next book in this series with great anticipation,