Sunday, January 22, 2012

Review of LOTHAIRE

LOTHAIRE can be purchased here.

Kresley Cole

Lothaire, the Enemy of Old, is one determined vampire and is, totally, focused on his "endgame".  Lothaire seeks to rule the Horde vampires, but before that can happen, he must aid the being whom he thinks is his mate, Saroya.  Saroya, the vampire goddess, has been cursed to only possess humans and has no body truly her own.  Lothaire intends to turn Elizabeth "Ellie" Peirce, the human Saroya has possessed, and get rid of her spirit, so that Saroya can have her body all to herself.  Before Lothaire can do this, he has many things to do, such as obtain a magical ring. Lothaire decides the best place for Ellie is prison, where his enemies want think to look for her, and where she is headed after Saroya goes on several killing sprees using her body.  However, Lothaire doesn't count on Ellie's intelligence and tenacity.

The Immortals after Dark is my favorite series, and I've been waiting for great anticipation for Lothaire's story.   Lothaire is one seriously messed up character, who is driven by revenge and, also, a little mad from all the memories, that he has absorbed by draining his victims dry.  I had trouble seeing how Ms. Cole could possibly redeem Lothaire, but thankfully, she doesn't disappoint.  Lothaire is redeemed, somewhat, but still has a serious edge to him-- he is not someone to mess with.  Elizabeth is one spunky heroine, which she has to be, in order to stand toe to toe with Lothaire.  Elizabeth gets knocked down, but keeps getting right back up and fighting.  There is plenty of action, and intense, hot, love scenes in this novel, and it is not for the squeamish, because Lothaire can be one brutal dude. 

All in all, LOTHAIRE is a great read and makes an excellent addition to the IAD series.

NOTE:  This is my personal copy and I gave an unbiased review.