Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Amanda McCabe
Signet Eclipse, September 2010
ISBN: 978-0-451-23108-6

IMPROPER LADIES is an anthology of two previously published regency traditional titles. In "The Golden Feather", Caroline Aldritch is forced to run a gaming establishment under disguise as a masked Mrs. Archer, when her husband dies leaving only a gaming house for support. Will Caroline be unmasked, when the attractive Lord Lyndon arrives on the scene? In "Rules of Love", widow, Rosalind Chase, runs a conservatory for girls and is having problems with her younger brother gambling and getting into mischief. Rosalind blames Lord Morley, her brother's idol, for his bad behavior. These two come into conflict, when Lord Morley arrives to fetch his sister.

I have missed the traditional regency, since they quit publishing them several years ago. IMPROPER LADIES is a reprint of two of Ms. McCabe's traditional regencies. While both stories are enjoyable and charming, I find that I prefer "The Rules of Love". I felt more of a connection between Rosalind and Lord Morley and really enjoyed their love story. "The Golden Feather" is entertaining but a little darker in nature, and the secrets seem to last a little too long.

Overall, IMPROPER LADIES is a good read for someone looking for a sweet, charming romance. I recommend it.

NOTE:  I reviewed this book for the PNR group.  I gave an impartial review.


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