Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Caroline Clemmons
Wild Rose Press, 2010
ISBN:  1-60154-799-4

Dallas McClintock awakens to find himself shot, with three angry men pointing guns at him.   Luckily, the beautiful woman, whom he just saved from being raped, explains the situation before Dallas passes out again.  When Dallas wakes again, he is amongst a group of Travelers, or Tinkers, and the O'Neils, whose daughter he saved, are nursing him back to health.

Cenora Rose O'Neil, the woman Dallas saved, has been trying to avoid the advances of  the brutish leader of the Travelers, but her parents fear, that, soon, she might be forced to marry him.  Desperate to save his daughter from a man, whose previous two wives died under suspicious circumstances, Cenora's father sets up Dallas, so that he will be forced to marry Cenora.  Between a rambunctious family, a vengeful Traveler leader, a secret that tortures Dallas, rustlers, and Cenora's insecurities, the course of their marriage doesn't begin smoothly.

THE TEXAN'S IRISH BRIDE is an entertaining historical romance filled with vibrant characters.  While Cenora is a lovely, strong-willed heroine, I found her a little bit naive for someone raised among the Travelers.  Dallas, on the other hand, makes a wonderful hero.  Dallas is strong, generous, honest, supportive, and has the patience of Job.  Because only a very good man would put up with some of Cenora's family's antics, especially her younger brother, Mac,  Dallas has the makings of a true hero.  There is humor interspersed throughout the book, which lightens the mood.  On several occasions, I found myself chuckling.

All in all, THE TEXAN'S IRISH BRIDE is an enjoyable read, which is filled with action and tension but, also, has some humorous moments.

NOTE:  This book was sent to me by the author, in return for an impartial review.