Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'll never be a writer

I'll never be a writer, because of the whole procrastination problem.  I start books and, well, don't follow through.  Here is a sample of one of my works.  What do you think?

Percival Reginald George Markham, 9th Earl of Ravenshire and heir to a dukedom, was the darling of the ton but he had a deep, dark secret.  No Percy wasn't a drunkard, nor a gambler, and he didn't associate with loose women.  These qualities were often overlooked by the ton.  Unfortunately, Percy's secret was likely to make him a subject of ridicule and cause his family embarrassment, for it seems that Percy was a great scholar and his library was used for something other than show.  In his spare time, Percy conducted scientific experiments and held archaeological digs on his outlying properties.  Percy dreaded the season, when he must again become what society expected for the sake of his family.
 When Percy's secret was discovered by his family, Percy's father blamed his mother's side , for, after all, she had an uncle who thought he was Caesar's horse.  Percy's mother responded that his father had a great aunt, who saw fairies.  Both parents made it clear, that society need not know of his "little hobbies".