Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Addiction to the PRIDE AND PREJUDICE Movie Adaptations

Alright, I"ll admit it, I love PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. It is my favorite book. I, also, have a compulsion to watch anything related to PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. As a result, I watch the miniseries with Colin Firth quite frequently. In my opinion, it is the best adaptation of the book. The older BBC production with David Rintoul is lovely and David pulls off a very superior air quite well. My third favorite version is the newest one with Kiera Knightley. This one didn't have enough Darcy scenes. Although it was refreshing to see so much of Elizabeth's family life. I even got a copy of the Indian version of P&P called BRIDE AND PREJUDICE. This is a real hoot! It is a musical and quite entertaining. The old version with Greer Garson is, also, quite entertaining, even if the fashions are all wrong. I even really liked the time travel move called LOST IN AUSTEN, where a modern day woman switches places with Elizabeth. As you can see there are several different movie adaptation of P&P. Why not try one.