Wednesday, December 28, 2011


DREAMING OF THE WOLF can be purchased here.

Terry Spear 


Alicia Greiston, a bounty hunter after the mobsters responsible for her mother's death, is surprised when a stranger insinuates himself into a conflict with one of the mobsters. The stranger, Jake Silver, who just happens to be a werewolf, can't let anything happen to the beautiful woman. When he starts dreaming of Alicia, Jake thinks that she might be his mate. Unfortunately, the mobsters are still in the picture and very dangerous.

Shifters are my favorite paranormal creature and shifter romances are my books of choice. Luckily, Ms. Spear doesn't disappoint with this action-packed, character driven werewolf romance. Once Jake realizes that Alicia is his mate, he is one determined, protective werewolf. Fortunately, Alicia is an intelligent, capable heroine, who has a very unique occupation. The secondary characters are great and Jake's pack gives a real sense of family, and the mobsters are true villains with no redeeming qualities.

All in all, DREAMING OF THE WOLF is a great read, which I recommend to the reader of shifter romances.

NOTE: I received this book in return for an impartial review.


Terry Spear said...

Thanks so much for having me here today at Book Lover and Procrastinator!!! :) Hope you all have a super special New Years! Off to let the world know about the giveaway!

Cat said...

Another great interview! And loved the story about the chocolate cake..too funny!

Love all your books, definitely looking forward to your Jaguar series too-shame its not til next fall.

Terry Spear said...

Thanks, Cat! Yeah, definitely that's why I'm stuck on chocolate!!! I'm thrilled you're enjoying my books! I wish jaguar was out sooner! I'm working on edits now. :)

Gena Robertson said...

Hi Terri!
Gosh, I almost got tears in my eyes about the male wolf who adopted and took over as protector of the widowed wolf mama and her pups! Isn't that something that like something that NEVER happens?! How amazing!
Such a cute story about the cake - and a learning experience for your parents, I'm sure, hahaha!
Loved the post! Having fun following you on your blog tour =)
Gena Robertson